Monday, 27 February 2012

10 Reasons your Office needs a Hot Drinks Vending Machine

Why have a vending machine? Many businesses believe they have no requirement for a vending machine this list gives ten reasons why they do!
  1. Vending machines can provide constantly high quality refreshment throughout the day. The choice of hot drinks, ease of use and consistency often make vending machines a hassle free solution to providing hot drinks. No more complaining about the way your colleague makes your cup of tea or going without if you work late and the canteen is closed.
  2. Typically communal kitchen areas become untidy and staff can argue about whose turn it is to tidy it. Whose responsibility is it to buy the tea and coffee supplies in your office? Who has to go out for milk? Many table top hot drinks machines can come with an operating agreement to ensure they are regularly cleaned by a service operator who also fills the ingredients etc.
  3. When using a kettle staff can take can take an average of 5 minutes per hot drink, across a week this is an average of an hour spent each week making hot drinks, rather than working? What impact does this lost time have on your business’ productivity? Is your company losing money with this wasted time?
  4. A number of offices opt for using kettles to provide their refreshments however they are not designed for consistent, heavy duty use. As a result the heating element breaks after a few months and it has to be replaced. Service agreements on table top hot drinks machines ensure they are guaranteed to be fixed by a trained engineer, minimising the time your staff are left without a drinks facility.
  5. The amount of energy consumed by a kettle could be used to power a fridge for a week! Have you ever thought about how much money your office spends on energy bills and the simple steps you could take to reduce this? Modern vending machines have an A++ energy efficiency rating. Saving you money on energy bills and contributing to CSR goals.
  6. Your business may provide a subsidised refreshment facility on site for staff to use. Did you know the average operating costs of a bank of vending machines are up to 90% lower than that of a manned canteen?
  7. Staff appreciates when a company improves the facilities for them. By improving the quality of the hot drinks on offer can boost morale and thereby improve productivity.
  8. Visitors to a business find the provisions of high quality refreshments a professional and preferable alternative to the traditional basic tea and coffee made by the receptionist in a mug.
  9. Companies looking to enhance their corporate image often provide their staff with vending machines branded in the company colour scheme. This promotes the corporate identity whilst providing a relaxing environment to meet, spend a lunch break and socialise.
  10. Many vending machines are available at NIL COST and a good vending company will go through all payment options available to ensure you receive the most cost effective solution. Therefor providing beverage facilities need not increase company expenditure.
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